Save the Oscar Wilde Trunk

by ows2020

A veneration for antiquity seems to be natural to man; hence we consider as barbarians those who demolish the relics of antiquity. …magine a valuable, illustrated historic book of 655 pages placed in your county courthouse. Person after person comes in and looks it over. One rips out a leaf and stuffs it in his pocket. Another, somewhat more careful, takes out his penknife and removes an illustration, but in so doing destroys the reading matter on the opposite side of the page. Some one mildly protests, saying that the pictures and pages will soon be scattered and of no value to anyone; but he is met with the reply that the book belongs to all the people and if one does not get his share now, another will. And so the destruction goes on until only fifty pages of the book are left. Then suddenly the people of the county come to realize that they have allowed the destruction of a priceless historical document, a volume which would have brought thousands of visitors to the county and thus added to its fame and to its revenue.

The destruction of this book is not fancy but fact. In California there has been found a beautiful relic of our beloved Oscar Wilde.  A simple battered a beaten trunk that survived a near disastrous fate only to be yet threatened again by a lack of preservation and soon we see a true historical significance lost. …

The Oscar Wilde Trunk is testimony to the fact that the volume was beautifully illustrated, but today the county possesses only a few battered remains.

I am begging the owner of the trunk to allow the relic to be donated to Clark Library located within UCLA. They have the resources to save this most precious item. There are about 5 real pieces (excluding books) that we can honestly say were owned by Oscar Wilde. It would be a sin if this trunk is just allowed to turn to dust in storage and never be seen by the public.

Please write send your comments to me at and I will be sure to pass them on to the owner of the Oscar Wilde Trunk.